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Given my interest in Air Quality and especially the health threatening particulates from diesel, I have recently been able to use a hand-held monitoring device to look at particulate distribution around Henley. The three worst places were outside the Police Station, in Duke Street (beside the Nitrogen Dioxide station) and outside St Mary’s Church. In fact 7 out of the top 10 worst places are not in our Air Quality Management Area as designated by SODC. High Pollution stretches from Northfield End , down New Street and around to the Bridge, along the Reading Road past the Post Office and on the Town Hall steps.

So my first 2 recommendations are to extend the AQMA to cover all polluted areas and to do something about the current congestion at the bottom of Greys Road BEFORE we add to the traffic problem through the Neighbourhood Plan. We can then get the Conservatives to action their first 100 days promise in May 2015 to provide a solution to HGVs passing through Henley and to resolve the delays through Henley due to the phasing of Traffic Lights. Banning diesel is happening across the world but in the UK we wish to compensate the buyers of diesel who were misled but probably not the children who have lost 10-20% of their lung capacity. By the way there is no cure for them or you!

David Dickie
St Katherines Road

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  1. Liz says:

    There are a number of drivers who seem to need to keep their engines running at all times…..stationary outside a shop , lay by, outside a school and even when in a car park.
    If everyone with a car decided to switch their engine OFF (modern cars have this feature but it can be overridden) when not in mention this would have the effect of reducing preventable pollution and save then occupants money!


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