Christmas at Valley Road

The Christmas season is now well and truly upon us. The children have been working very hard on their plays and the staff have done a wonderful job at making sure everything is ready. The weather has not helped with giving the children a chance to run around outside and let off steam but we have taken the opportunity whenever we have been able to.

We have just received a new stage for us to use for Christmas Plays and other events in the hall. Our very grateful thanks to the PTA for buying this for us. The old one is as old as the school so we were certainly due a new one. This one is easy to put up and store and also is very quiet so we won’t hear too much when the children come on stage. It is wider than the previous stage so children on stage will not be as crowded as they were in the past. Please note that while this makes pupils easier to see when they are on the stage it does not offer enough space for all pupils to be able to sit on it when they have finished their part. We have limited space to fit everybody in (including all the parents who want to see the play) and this means they will be seated to the side of the stage. Every pupil has their time on the stage. We work hard to ensure this to give everyone a chance. Your child will be able to tell you when they will be on stage so look out for them!