Reading University Fellowships for Six Leander Athletes

Six Leander athletes were among eleven University of Reading Olympians who recently joined graduating students for a series of special ceremonies.

Current and former students who participated as athletes in London 2012 were honoured as part of the University’s winter graduation. They were joined by Professor David Watkins, the designer of the London 2012 medals, a graduate of the University of Reading’s Department of Art. All were made Distinguished Fellows of the University of Reading in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to a wonderful sporting summer.

Leander athletes who were made Distinguished Fellows of the University included:
Anna Watkins – rower and gold medallist (current Mathematics PhD student)
Rick Egington – rower and bronze medallist (BSc Zoology 2001)
Debbie Flood – rower (BSc Physiology and Biochemistry 2005)
Alex Gregory – rower and gold medallist (BSc Geography 2001)
Alex Partridge – rower and bronze medallist (current Henley Business School MBA student)
Charles Cousins – rower (BSc Psychology 2010)

Other students and former students who were also made Distinguished Fellows included:
David Watkins, designer of the London 2012 Olympic medals (BA in Fine Art in 1963)
Bill Lucas – rower (BA Politics and International Relations 2009)
Natasha Townsend – rower (BA Art 2007)
Sam Townsend – rower (BSc Rural Environmental Sciences 2010)
Adam Freeman-Pask – rower (current PhD student in Biological Sciences)
Jonty Clarke – hockey player (BA Economics 2002).