Upton Close Residents Not Consulted About Green Verge

“On January 10th, Oxfordshire County Council started work to create extra free parking spaces in Upton Close, Henley.  As residents we were given two days notice that this work was to take place, even though the letter was dated 28th August!

Despite correspondance with the District Councillor who requested the work, we have been unable to reason why such work is being carried out.

During the day, our close is plagued by visitors and commuters who use the road as a free car park. This is only going to add to that problem.

Councillor David Nimmo-Smith says ‘Anything that makes it look neater is a good thing.’ Surely it would have been better to have put some posts or boulders in to stop people parking on and damaging the grass verge. This could have been done at a fraction of the cost, in times when councils are supposedly strapped for money. Not long ago, town councillors planted a lot of bulbs at the front of the close. This seems to have been in vain.

We have also been told that Upton Close residents have asked for this but there is a lot of resentment. We have lived here for 13 years but we have not been consulted. It seems that another area of free parking is being created for those who cannot be bothered to use a perfectly good car park nearby at the station.

Has this been done to make the town look better, or to create more free parking spaces to incovenience residents?”

Resident, Upton Close


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