Brownies Have Fun at Thinking Day Celebration

1st Henley Brownies celebrated Thinking Day last night.  Thinking Day on the 22 February is the big event in Girlguiding where the girls celebrate the birthday of their founder, Lady Baden Powell and think of other Girlguiding members around the world.  Each year the World Association of Girlguiding chooses five focus countries, one from each of their five regions for members to learn about the nation and what life is like for a girl or young women there.

The five countries this year were Republic of Ireland, Jordan, Malawi, Pakistan and Venezuela.  The Brownies enjoyed activities from these countries which included making the Jordan flag, learning to do some Irish dancing, eating some poppadums and couscous, learning how to wear a sari, decorating their faces like the Venezuelan Indians and making some beautiful birds from Malawi.

The Brownies also brought in some shinny pennies which they formed into the shape of Girlguiding trefoil with.  This money will be given to the World Thinking Day fund and will be used to support projects in the focus countries and developing Girlguiding around the world.