Skatepark Wheeling Ahead with Plans

Henley Town Council have formed a Working Group with Henley Skatepark Initiative in order to help them achieve their goals, and they are meeting with them regularly. Colin Brathwaite who leads the initiative said on their Facebook page, “The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are right behind us. We don’t see it taking four years to get our park built, based on our timetable, we’re ideally aiming for a build that will start in Autumn 2014, but that will be dependent on us raising the money.”

He also added “Our new skatepark will not be part of a neighbourhood plan. Why? Because as it stands, Henley does not have a neighbourhood plan, neither are we waiting for one – because we don’t need it in order to get this done. We have written Town Council permission (pending the approval of any designs submitted in the future) and they have clearly stated, again in writing, that Makins Recreation Ground is the only viable site within Town Council ownership. Repeated flooding at Mill and Marsh meadows clearly shows why that is not an option.”

Details of their plans for choosing a suppler and fundraising were also outlined, see below:

Choosing a supplier

The Town Council are the landowner. They have to give us full approval of how how we handle the process of choosing a supplier from our short-list, Wheelscape Skateparks, Maverick Industries and Freestyle Skateparks. With Council support, we are now working on the tender document, which we hope to be able to send out to the three potential suppliers within the next few months. We will then review their applications and make our decision of who will build our skatepark.

Funding/Grant Applications

We have mapped out a grant application strategy, and we are working on stage one of that at the moment, our lottery application. Applying for grants is a complicated business. You have to plan and time any applications very carefully, because any money awarded often needs to be spent within a specific timescale, otherwise you have to give it back.


We are working on getting a text donation service set up. We’ve a challenge to overcome in that area, but we hope to be able to get it sorted. We are also working on getting an online donation service set up. We will let you know when they are up and running. We have got donation tins at YEUK Skateshop on Friday Street, RadBMX in High Wycombe, and there will be one in NewNews on Reading Road soon. We also hope to have more in other location in the town. Our other group fundraising ideas will continue.