Henley Boat Races


The Henley Boat Races sponsored by Newton, currently including the Women’s Boat Race, are a series of private matches between representative crews from Oxford and Cambridge universities, and take place over the Henley Reach on the River Thames, the venue for Henley Royal Regatta.

The main spectator facilities are at Temple Island Meadows close to the finishing position. Tapenade will be on hand to provide a full bar service from 10:30am, along with a barbecue and range of cakes.

As well as the varsity races, there are intercollegiate races offering a chance for the best men’s and women’s college crews from Oxford and Cambridge to race each other over part of the Henley course. This year, the men’s first eight from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge will race Balliol College, Oxford, while St John’s College, Oxford’s women will race Downing College, Cambridge.

For the first time ever, The Newton Women’s Boat Race crews weighed-in with their male counterparts on the 4 March. It was the Cambridge Blue Boat that topped the scales, weighing in by an average of 3.55kg per woman more than their Oxford opponents.

The Official Crews for The 2013 Newton Women’s Boat Race which starts at 3pm on 24 March are listed below with their respective weights:

Bow: Caroline Reid – 64.4kg
2: Fay Sandford – 76.4kg
3: Melissa Wilson – 77.0kg
4: Jessica Denman – 71.0kg
5: Vicky Shaw – 68.0kg
6: Claire Watkins – 69.8kg
7: Emily Day -63.8kg
Stroke: Holly Game – 70.8kg
Cox: Esther Momcilovic – 50.6kg

Total Weight Inc. Cox – 611.8kg

Bow: Marianne Novak – 59.8kg
2: Alice Carrington-Windo – 65.4kg
3: Mary Foord-Weston – 68.8kg
4: Jo Lee – 70.8kg
5: Amy Varney – 74.4kg
6: Harriet Keane – 66.0kg
7: Anastasia Chitty – 67.6kg
Stroke: Maxie Scheske – 60.0kg
Cox: Katie Apfelbaum – 53.2kg

Average Weight Inc. Cox – 65.1kg

For more details about the Henley Boat Races go to: www.henleyboatraces.co.uk