Henley & Wargrave Boatshow


For the second year running, Hobbs of Henley, Val Wyatt Marine & Bushnell Marine Services, invite you to the Henley & Wargrave Boat Show.

The show is a joint venture between the three companies designed to offer you the opportunity to see various craft and experience boating life.

Primarily the show offers you the opportunity to view a large range of new and used craft for sale and hire, but is also a great day out to get a feel for the marinas, get a new view of the River Thames, and explore the world of boating.
The three companies are all long established family businesses with a passion for boating and what they do. The Show is split between their three sites, all of which need to be visited to get a full appreciation for what is available.

For full details go to www.henleywargraveboatshow.co.uk