On the beat… Henley Police Update

TVPlogoLaptop Stolen from Car at Tesco

A laptop in its bag was left in the front passenger foot well of a dark blue BMW 330D at around 1830 on 19 April at Tesco Stores on Reading Road.  The aggrieved states that the vehicle was locked before entering the store.  When he returned he found the vehicle unlocked and the laptop bag empty. He then thought perhaps he had made a mistake and forgotten he had left his laptop at work.  After returning to work 2 days later when he found it was not at work he realised that the laptop must have been stolen.


Items Stolen from Shed

Between 21 and 23 April an unknown offender has gained entry into a shed at 5 Nicholas Road and stolen items.


Money Stolen from Charity Boxes at St Mary’s Church

Offenders have forced two steel charity boxes which were concreted within the walls of St Mary’s Church between the 21 and 26 April.  They have managed to gain entry to one and believed to have stolen money within and have damaged the lock on the second one.


Car Damaged in New Street

Two tyres were slashed and a mudguard ripped off on a blue Land Rover Defender which was parked on New Street between 27 and 28 April.


Fake Note at Sainsburys

On the 29 April an unknown female tried to pay for goods with a £20 note at Sainsburys in Bell Street.  The staff thought that the note was fake as it looked like a photocopy.  They challenged the female and said that they had to verify the note.  The female, described as Eastern European aged 25-28 years with a scarf then ran off.


Property Damage in Deanfield Avenue

At a property in Deanfield Avenue on 1 May at around 2230, unknown offender/s has/have damaged two outdoor lights, one was ripped out and the other was dropped and smashed on the floor.


If you have any information about any of these crimes, please call the Police on 101