Volunteers Urgently Needed for the Joint Neighbourhood Plan

NeighbourhoodPlanLogoFrom Henley Town Council and Harpsden Parish Council


You will be glad to hear that our Joint Neighbourhood Plan, probably the most important long term planning policy document ever produced for Henley and Harpsden, is finally off the blocks.  We urgently need volunteers to come forward to help shape this vision!


We believe you can do this in several ways by:

  • putting yourself forward for serving on a working group;
  • agreeing to join in one or more discussions with a working group;
  • letting us have written suggestions on any aspect of any relevant topic, which  includes any kind of infrastructure, both at the outset of our enquiries; during our deliberations and further consultations as the policies evolve; and, for those who have not already done so,
  • telling us about any relevant experience that could be beneficial to us as the neighbourhood plan evolves.


Although it is unlikely that there will be a regular place for everyone who wants to serve on a working group, you need to know that regular members may be asked to reserve one or two evenings a month for meetings and to deal with electronic communications between meetings.


If you just want to be kept informed of progress by email then again tell us and we will update our database. Of course this does not prevent you or indeed any member of the public sending us their thoughts at any stage; but we  need to know at once what you think are the important issues for Henley and Harpsden to consider, because Neighbourhood Planning offers each and every citizen the opportunity  to suggest improvements to the local quality of life.


This really is your chance to make a difference, so please let us know what matters to you and send your views to either Sarah or Mike at the addresses shown below.


Mike Kennedy
Town Hall


Sarah Tipple
4 Chilterns End Close