Badgemore’s Mural

BadgemoreMural3 BadgemoreMural2 BadgemoreMural BadgemoreMural4

Marcia James, Head of Art & D&T at Gillotts Secondary School in Henley has been working with Badgemore School for the past few months to paint a mural on the wall outside our Foundation Stage unit.

Children of all ages within the school took turns to help paint the mural, designed by one of our pupils, Ceri Isaac, aged 9.

They would like to say a special thank you to Marcia and Catharine Darnton for the “loan” of the staff to enable us to fulfil this project, and especially to Marcia for working in some very adverse weather conditions!

They hope to incorporate the mural into the curriculum by using it in lots of ways including:

  • as a measuring wall to measure distance between each flower or word
  • physical activity – jumps or hops between each word, timing the run from one end of the wall to the other
  • counting – the number of bricks each flower covers