Living Rainforest Comes to Life

Children in Key Stage 2 at Sacred Heart School recently had a special Rainforest curriculum week.  The children not only learnt lots of really good facts about the rainforest but they had great fun doing it. The main focus for the week was the conservation of the rainforest.

During the week the lessons were tailored around the rainforest which included working out the cost of the tribes selling their products in Maths, making up poems and raps about saving the rainforest in English to creating a beautiful rainforest in their shared learning area in art.  The leaves on rainforest art display also included facts that the children had learnt – the forest floor only has 2% light and chameleons can change skin colour to fit in with the background of the rainforest.

To mark the end of the week the children had the opportunity to come to school dressed up as rainforest creatures and explorers.

Kiri in Year Six said “I really enjoyed making a poster and finding facts out about the pygmy marmoset which is the smallest monkey in the world (only 100gm in weight) as well as making the ants for the rainforest out of polystyrene packaging peanuts and pipe cleaners.”

Danann also from Year Six dressed up as a camerman for David Attenborough on the Friday and the one of her favourite parts of the week was the tasting activity when they had the opportunity to try lots of different foods including figs, cocoa chocolate and dessicated coconut. “My favourite was the dried mango.”  “I also liked finding out about an unusual monkey – the Golden Lion Tamarin which gets its name because of the golden fur around its head looks like a lion’s mane.”








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