Neighbourhood Planning Committee Appoints Planning Consultants

NeighbourhoodPlanLogoIn May 2012, Henley Town Council organised a town meeting for residents of Henley to learn about the new Localism Act and in particular Neighbourhood Planning.

At the end of the meeting the people present clearly wanted the Town Council to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan and a week later the Town Council unanimously agreed.

Harpsden Parish Council were asked if they wanted to join with Henley  but they declined. This meant that Henley could only propose a Neighbourhood Plan within the Henley Parish boundary.

These discussions were completed last October and a Neighbourhood Plan application submitted to  South Oxfordshire DC for approval before our colleagues at Harpsden had a change of heart. They wanted to join Henley and we welcomed them. It took until March this year to put the new proposal together and pass it to South Oxfordshire DC.

South Oxfordshire DC has now approved the application for a joint Neighbourhood Plan and last Friday, the Neighbourhood Plan Governance Committee appointed Broadway Malyan to work with the two communities of Henley and Harpsden in the production of a joint neighbourhood plan. “It’s all coming together really well and we can’t wait to get started” said Committee Chairman, Councillor Dieter Hinke.

“We realise that this process has taken a long time but it was important that we had Harpsden on board. We can now jointly go ahead and plan Henley/Harpsden for the next 14 years.

“It is you, the people, who can make the difference.  This will be your plan and we look forward to meeting you”, he said.

The Neighbourhood Planning Governance Committee will be hosting an information stall at Harpsden Village Fete this Sunday 16 June (2-4.30pm), to engage with and inform local residents about  this important plan that will shape the future of our community.


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