Want to see something done about transport in Henley?

HenleyinTransitionTransportLogoWhatever your issue – traffic congestion, too many HGVs, air pollution, pedestrian and cyclist safety, frequency of buses and trains, connections to other towns – we are interested!

Environmental campaign group Henley in Transition have set up an online survey to form an overview of transport use in the town. The eventual aim is to produce a sustainable transport blueprint.


We have so far had around 150 responses to our online survey at http://www.transport.henley-in-transition.org.uk/, which we are really pleased but we’d love lots more!


We welcome feedback from those traveling into, out of and through Henley. We hope that as many people as possible will complete it – we have kept the survey as short and simple as possible to maximise involvement.


We need as many responses as possible in order to get the best picture of transport use in Henley. We can then begin to work on transport projects that will benefit the town, residents, visitors, businesses and the environment alike.


Thanks very much to all the residents, organisations and business who have supported us so far. Thanks also to the mentors who have volunteered to work with the students, and to the 60 A Level Economics students from The Henley College who have got really enthusiastic about the project.


In addition to the online survey, the Henley College Economics students are also contacting around 40 businesses and organisations in Henley to discuss their transport use and that of their employees/users. This is a great experience for the students, and the businesses and organisations have been very forthcoming.


One the the groups of students has arranged to meet Alex Hume, Manager of Waitrose next Tuesday. The students will be running through the business survey with Alex before setting up in the staff room to talk to as many employees as possible.


Alongside the surveys the students are also researching areas like Air Quality, Car Clubs, Liftsharing, Flexible Bus Services, Pedestrianisation, Reduction in Speed Limits, Park & Ride, Increasing Cycle Use, What Other Towns Are Doing, Travel Plans, Impact of Development, Tourism, and the Needs Of The Elderly and Disabled.


This is a huge undertaking by Henley in Transition and the Henley College students. The culmination of the project will be presentations by the students in the main hall of the Town Hall at 2pm on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July.