Cool Cullum at Henley Festival

Jamie Cullum, singer songwriter delighted the audience last night at the Henley Festival with his mixture of jazz and pop songs. He said, ‘This is the best dressed audience I’ve played to and whenever I wear a DJ I always want to look like James Bond but I end up looking like a penguin from ‘Happy Feet!’


Jamie’s boundless energy in the second half of his performance got the audience up on their feet which included him jumping of his piano many times and dancing and singing down on the lawn with the festval goers in between the deckchairs.


Not only is Jamie a very talented pianist, his ability to use the piano in extraordinary ways to create different sounds including using parts of it as a drum and playing the inside shanks and strings, wowed his fans last night.


He played music from all his albums including ‘Edge of Something’ his latest single from his new album Momentum.