First World War Centenary Special Exhibition in Henley

fieldsofbattleHenley Town Council have agreed to an exhibition on Mill Meadows in June-July 2015 to mark the centenary of the First World War.  The organisers are Fields of Battle – Lands of Peace 14 – 18, a registered charity who is a partner of the First World War Centenary Programme led by the Imperial War Museum and is endorsed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


The exhibition will concentrate on how, over time, nature has healed the battlefields creating a link between the modern day and the personal dramas and stories these peaceful landscapes now hide.  It is intended the “street exhibition” is open day and night to the general public and is entirely free.  The exhibition will be launched in London in August 2014 and is touring major cities until 2018.  It will be in Henley over the Regatta period in 2015 to maximise the footfall to the exhibition.


The exhibition will includes a walk on map which sits on a metal frame with boards across it and a series of photographic panels along with a mobile information centre.  There will be no cost to the Town Council however they will look at the opportunity to add additional panels relating specifically to Henley’s First World War experience to be included which would require funding.


Shirley Lees, Henley’s Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Organiser has been liaising with the organisers on this exciting project.


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