Rewind Festival Nearly Ready to Pop!


The 80’s Rewind Festival which starts on Friday afternoon is nearly ready to welcome around 30,000 fans to the Temple Island site this weekend.  When we visited today the huge main stage was nearly complete, the fun fair rides were starting to rewind-2arrive to set up and in the Glamping area we saw the luxurious teepees being built by Eve’s Tipis.  Eve Lester the owner of Eve’s Tipis said, “We are delighted that we have sold out all the teepees this year as this is our first year of doing this independently – we came last year for the first time with another company.”

rewind-4In the Glamping area there is a wide range of accommodation on offer from standard tents, WOW bell tents, teepees, yurts and squrts and for the first time this year the ultimate luxury – a Snoozebox (a portable hotel room)!

You can of course just bring your own tent and if you need some help carting your stuff to the campsite look out for the Cart-to-Camp four wheel trolleys at the festival entrance.

rewind-7Also new for this year is ‘Bathing Under the Sky’ spa treatment.  Each spa slot, lasting two hours, takes place in a tranquil setting away from the madding crowds, giving festival goers the chance to recharge their batteries before throwing themselves back into the party.  The two hour session includes the use of hot showers, luxurious wood-heated Swedish style hot tubs, a dry Finnish barrel sauna, and cosy deckchairs and cushioned day-beds to relax on. A souvenir Turkish hammam towel for each guest is also included in the price as is the use of a private bar and, to add to the celebrity treatment, a glass of sparkling wine is served to guests in their hot tub. For those who like to look their ‘festival best’, there’s the added luxury of a hair-grooming corner complete with hair-dryers and straighteners, and a sink with a mirror for shaving.  To book go to

There are still some Sunday day tickets available for the festival.  You can book online @

If you’re going to Rewind check out all the details at


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