Gillotts Outstanding GCSE Results

Gillotts are delighted to have maintained the big improvement in the key headline figures that was achieved last year, with 72% of students again achieving the benchmark of five or more passes at grade C and above, including English and Mathematics.

Achievement in the subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate was outstanding, with 50% of students gaining passes at C or better in all of English, Mathematics, two sciences, a language and a humanity.  The national average for this measure in 2012 was only 16%, so students are leaving Gillotts exceptionally well prepared in the ‘facilitating subjects’ that are highly valued by the Russell Group universities.  35% of students gained an A* or A in English Language and 78% of students achieved A*-C in Mathmatics.  In each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, about 50% of grades were A* or A and about 40% of grades were at A* or A in History, Geography and French.  In German, almost 70% of students achieved A*/A – an incredible result – whilst in Spanish the figure was an impressive 30%.  Across the board students did exceptionally well – 33% of all GCSE grades were A* or A.  22% of students achieved eight or more passes at grades A* or A and 37% achieved five or more A* and A grades.

Amongst many excellent individual performances, those of the following students stand out:

Amy Lovell

Lara Wirt

Georgina Riley

Stephanie Barnes

Anna Peters

Matthew Tillyer

Kai Agnew

10 A* and 3 A Grades

10 A* and 3 A Grades

9 A* and 3 A Grades

9 A* and 3 A Grades

9 A* and 2 A Grades

8 A* and 5 A grades

8 A* and 2 A grades

Amy, Lara and Stephanie (pictured above) are going to the Kendrick School in Reading to do A Levels and Kai is going to Borlaise in Marlow to do A Levels.

Headteacher Catherine Darnton said “Over recent years, we have seen a marked improvement in results at Gillotts and we are delighted that this year’s results have taken us forward again to a new high, particularly in terms of grades A* and A, which is a consequence of the commitment and hard work of students and staff.  I am very proud of all that the students have achieved and would also like to recognise all the support that students have received from their families.  These results come about through successful collaboration between student, teachers and parents.  Set against the national picture of moves to prevent grade inflation, we are delighted by the substantial improvements we have made.  These are really outstanding results.”