Save Henley’s Rainbow Children’s Centre

rainbow-childrens-centreOxfordshire County Council is planning to shut down many of its children’s centres as part of budget cuts. Henley’s Rainbow Children’s Centre is at great risk of imminent closure. This Centre is a lifeline for parents and children and essential to the community. Henley Parents can fight and save their Children’s Centre. In just a few easy steps below.
We must ALL act NOW and before the deadline of end November when Oxfordshire County Council make their decision.
Please get involved as other local groups are already fighting hard to save their local children’s centre and we must make our views about OUR Henley children’s centre known and heard.

How to help:

  1. Fill out the online form on the Oxfordshire County Council website – it takes 2 minutes. Make sure you name the Henley Rainbow Children’s Centre as the service you want to be saved.
    Link: and then follow the prompts to “have your say”.
  2. Sign the hard copy petition. Banny Hay will be collecting signatures in Henley town centre on Saturday 2 November. The petition will also be in some local Henley shops so you can pop in and sign anytime. Last day to sign will be around 25 November. Names of local shops where the petition will be held and last date to sign will be confirmed.
  3. Sign the online petition to save all of South Oxfordshire’s children’s centres. It is important to ALSO sign this petition as it combines the efforts of all the individual campaign groups and is a powerful united single voice.
  4. Join the facebook page and see updates on the progress of the South Oxfordshire Children’s Centre campaign.

Thank you for getting involved.

If you would like to volunteer for the Henley children’s centre campaign please contact Banny on 07960 957 154.