Millie’s Dream Appeal Presents First Life-Saving Device

millies-dream-1The first defibrillator of the ‘Millie’s Dream’ campaign was presented to Rupert House yesterday morning by the Mayor, Stefan Gawrysiak.  The ‘Millie’s Dream’ campaign was set up by Sarah Roberts as her daughter Millie suffers from a respiratory and lung disorder and she wanted to equip all the schools in Henley with a life-saving device.

Mrs Clare Lynas, Head teacher at Rupert House School said, “We are very lucky to be the first school to have one of these.”   The ‘Millie’s Dream’ appeal wants to raise enough money to provide 10 defibrillators for every Henley school.  The money for the first one was donated by Henley based company, Geos Group, an energy partnership run by Barry and Victoria Newton whose daughter Georgia is Head Girl at Rupert House.

millies-dream-2At the special assembly Suzanne Stickley from First Aid Matters in Henley was also there to explain to the children about what they should do if they came across someone who needed help and the importance of calling for help and ringing 999.  She later explained and showed the older children how the defibrillator worked.

So far the campaign has been pledged £14,000 which has included donations from Henley Town Council and four single donations of £1500.  The cost of each machine is just over £1100.

Sarah is looking forward to presenting the next defibrillators to other schools in the next few weeks.