Rubbish Assembly at Shiplake College


‘On average, each student at Shiplake College throws away their own body weight in rubbish every term. This time last year most of our rubbish at Shiplake College was going into landfill, since then we have distributed 200 flat pack green recycling bins around the College to significantly the amount of waste that we recycle,’ said mathematics teacher Jess Golding when she took a College assembly recently. This introduced the College’s theme of the week ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

Last year the ‘Green Team’ from Community Service and DofE volunteers, assembled the 200 green recycling bins in just an hour. Since then volunteers have emptied the bins regularly which has made a considerable positive impact.

‘Old writing paper can be recycled to make a toilet roll, an old can reused to make part of a new bike and empty plastic bottles can be transformed new fleece jackets,’ Miss Golding reminded her audience.

Gregg Davies, Headmaster, reinforced her comments encouraging pupils to download books from the school e-library rather than use paper for traditional books and to consider buying clothes from charity shops, ‘My dinner jacket came from a charity shop 30 years ago and has given me sterling service.’