Computing Prodigies

computercompetition_winners2013Last week, all pupils were given the opportunity to enter the UK Beaver Computing Challenge. This national competition is a problem solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. The challenge comprised 15 multiple-choice questions inspired by topics in computer science, requiring a combination of quick thinking and logical reasoning to select the correct answer. With negative marking used to discourage random guessing, there really was no margin for error.

All participating pupils have been awarded a certificate of participation, while the top 25% in each age category were rewarded with a certificate of distinction. ICT teacher Mr Caine was delighted with the turnout for the challenge: ‘I was very impressed with the number of boys and girls who took part. The standard was high across the board and everyone should be pleased with their efforts.’

As an additional incentive, the College awarded a Raspberry Pi computer to the pupil who achieved the highest overall mark in each age group. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized single-board computer which is designed to promote the teaching of basic computer science skills in schools.

The winners were Toby Gorringe (Y7), Alex Sutton (Y9), Josh Towell (Y10) and Thomas Ward (Y12). Congratulations are in order for their excellent achievement. The boys received their prize in assemblies this week, and were quick to make plans for their new gadget. Alex Sutton is planning on using the Raspberry Pi to transform his television into a modern ‘smart’ TV, allowing him to load films and games directly onto the television. With Mr Caine’s help, there is no doubt all four winners will put their devices to good use!