Rupert House School Christmas Plays

Is There a Baby in There?

The animals in the farmyard are patiently waiting for a new baby to arrive. Will it be a lamb, a calf or a foal? They wait and wait and as time passes they begin to worry. Will the precious new baby ever arrive? This delightful Christmas musical takes a new look at the Nativity story through the eyes of the animals. Great singing and every child got to say a line.  The stars of the show were the cockerels.


The Curious Sheep

Performed by Year 1 Children

Seen through the eyes of a particularly excitable and curious sheep, the traditional nativity unfolds with humour and charm, through a simple but original, script.  We loved the Hey Ewe come back here song which the children sang with real gusto.  The story ends with the curious sheep giving baby Jesus and very useful present of a fleece to keep warm.


The Christmas Jazz

Performed by Year 2 Children

This nativity play has catchy and melodic songs and the children playing the animals had great timing with their noises in the song ‘No Room at the Inn’.  The stars of the show however were the tap dancing donkeys in the ‘Clippety Clop’ song.