Brilliant Babushka

Valley Road School Key Stage 1 children performed the nativity play ‘Babushka’ last week.  The play starts in a Russian village and the Year 1 children set the scene brilliantly coming on doing some great Russian dancing.  The Reception children (who most are still only 4) play spiders and mice trying to infest Babushka’s house with great confidence and lots of smiles.

The story goes on to tell you about about three kings arriving in the village on their way to Bethlehem. They knock at Babushka’s house for a rest but she doesn’t let them in because they have dirty feet and their camels have dirty hooves and Babushka has the cleanest house in the village as she spends all day long cleaning it.  They try to persuade her to go with them to see the Holy Child which is going to born but she later regrets her decision and sets off to follow them.

There’s some great comedy moments including the kings at the end saying, “You did us a favour by not letting us in, we got lots of exercise and look at our muscles!”

The play ends with a real feel good, up beat song, ‘Full of Joy, Full of Life’ with Babushka finding peace and Jesus teaching her how love.