Henley Lions Pack Up Christmas Parcels

goody bags ready to go

The packers with about half the parcels are, from left to right:-
Lions Joan Evans, Sue Rider, Chris Adam, Mike Berkley, Joyce Murray and Mel Williams.
The two young ladies in the front are Ruby and Jessie, nieces of Chris, and the photographer is our own Lion David Murray.

Henley Lions Club are sharing over 90 parcels again this year with people in our area who need a little extra help at this time of year to celebrate the festive season. Amongst these folk are some who will be on their own and look forward to a friendly person to share a few words and, sometimes, a cup of tea with. Although we are perceived to be living in a wealthy area, not everyone here is so fortunate and we try to equal the balance a little.

Thanks must go to those organisations that help us by funding our efforts and who don’t generally get any recognition for doing so. They can be reassured that whatever they give is ring fenced for this event only and will not be used for any other purpose.
On Sunday last, some of our members met at the local YMCA where the parcels were packed and taken for delivery around our patch.