The Little Fir Tree… Shines with Pride at Shiplake Primary School


The children who starred and shined in ‘The Little Fir Tree’ Christmas play last week at Shiplake Primary School we’re sure would have made their parents, families and teachers very proud.

The story ‘The Little Fir Tree’ starts in the forest where a group of young trees point toward the sky. As the seasons change they grow strong and tall, all except one – the little fir tree. The tall trees boast that one day they will be used for something important and tease the little fir tree because of his size. When the woodcutter comes to chop down the tall trees, he reassures the little fir tree that he has a special purpose for him. His destiny is finally discovered when he is decorated and placed in a prominent position in a children’s hospital ward. The children’s faces are filled with joy as they gaze upon his beauty. The nurses then retell the Christmas nativity story to the children.

In between the story there is a fantastic scene of the snowmen dancing in ‘Gangnam Style’ which brings this alternative nativity story right up-to-date which you can see the children loved.  Excellent solo singing by the Little Fir Tree, Beau aged just 6.

The scenery, costumes and props were excellent, particularly the woodcutter’s truck.  Well done to all the teachers who put these altogether.  A special mention too, to all the narrators who said their words brilliantly.

A fantastic Christmas production and one which the school should be very proud of.