Hansel and Gretel Like You’ve Never Seen it Before…

Valley Road School Key Stage 2 children staged their Christmas performance of Hansel and Gretel last week to delighted audiences.

Adapted from the original tale by talented Year 6 pupils (and their teacher, Mr Shacklady), Hansel and Gretel find themselves facing more than just their evil step-mother. Having been abandoned in the forest, they meet a band of tango-dancing robbers (Year 3); unsettlingly scary talking trees and goblins (Year 4); cheeky, hungry birds and worms with attitude (Year 5) and the wickedest witch (Della Luke – who just ‘loves to have children over for dinner’) with her house made of gingerbread.

As well as leading the story as clearly-spoken narrators, Year 6 ably took on the main roles of Hansel (Wendy McLoughlin), Gretel (Amelia Hanson), Stepmother (Rebecca Tinsley), father (Charlie Wall) , as well as extra roles created just for this version, like Mr and Mrs Goldsworthy (William Saunders and Annabelle Hoogenberg), Stepmother’s sister and brother-in-law who put the ‘bling’ in sibling.

The Year 6 stage crew managed the stage lighting (Sidni Brener), sound engineering (Robert Greene and Thomas Hancock), props and stage sets (Matthew Williams) and choreography (Melanie Sellwood). The set design was in the hands of Year 5 pupil Sophie Baker, with help from parents Catherine Gosby and Chilli Chilton.

The play finishes on a high, when the witch’s mutinous goblins decide to join forces with clever Gretel, who manages to convince the old lady to try out her cauldron for size!

The singing and dancing was exceptionally good this year – well done, Valley Road Juniors!



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