Prices Held for Brakspear Ales

tom-davies-brakspear-alesPub operator and brewer Brakspear is holding prices on all Brakspear ales supplied to its 129 pubs, sparing its tenants and lessees the hikes of up to 6p per pint imposed by some national brewers in the January round of price increases.

Brakspear is absorbing the rise in beer production costs in order to hold prices on its beers brewed both at the Wychwood brewery in Witney and at the Bell Street Brewery in Henley-on-Thames.  These include the popular Brakspear Bitter and Oxford Gold ales as well as Brakspear Special, the Henley favourite which was restored to permanent production with the opening of the new microbrewery last March.

Brakspear chief executive Tom Davies said, “A pint of cask ale is one of the main attractions of a visit to the pub, and by holding the price of Brakspear beers, we can help to make it a more affordable pleasure for thousands of pubgoers.

“January is always a flat month for our industry, but at least our pubs will be starting the year with a price advantage on Brakspear beers. Many drinkers choose our pubs for their Brakspear ales, so it’s good that our tenants and lessees are able to offer them their favourite pint at last year’s price, rather than hitting them with an increase. On average, beer prices have gone up by 3.0 -3.5% this month.”

Mark Dunlop, tenant at the Angel on the Bridge in Henley, said, “Anything that helps the business during January and February, our quietest months, is welcome.  Our regulars are definitely feeling the post-Christmas pinch, so they’ll be pleased that Brakspear ales are as affordable as they were last year.  It’s a great kick-start to 2014.”