Inspiring Aspirations Week at Sacred Heart School

aspirations-week-1The children at Sacred Heart School have had some inspiring people come to the school to talk about their careers and roles as part of Aspirations Week.  The week started off with local stuntman, Gary Connery, talking to the whole school about his job.  Gary has been a stuntman in many films such as James Bond, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Batman as well as his most famous role as the Queen in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012.

Every child in Years 2-6 was asked to write to an inspirational person of their choice to invite them to come to the school.  The children chose people from all different professions, from pop stars to policeman, sports legends to aspirations-week-2writers.  The range was really vast and the teaching assistants helped with finding the addresses for most of them.  Two children in Year 3, Olivia Oldham and Ella Dickson wrote to the Queen and Prince Phillip separately.  They were delighted to receive a reply from Buckingham Palace royal staff and understood that unfortunately the Queen and Prince Phillip couldn’t attend.  Karen Edwards, the headteacher said, “We managed the children’s expectations when they were writing to particularly famous people.”

Karen went on to say, “We have had such a brilliant response that the week has turned into nearly two weeks of visitors including a lawyer, Lt Colonel from the Army, a DJ, make-up artist and a journalist to name just a few. We did this a couple of years ago and it was great week then, it will definitely be part of our curriculum going forward.  It really is a fantastic positive experience for the children, it opens their eyes as to what roles they could aspire to do and focuses them on working hard and learning at school to achieve their dreams.”






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