Enterprising Youngsters Set Up Market Stall

VRSMarketStallAn enterprising initiative to earn some money and raise funds for charity was undertaken last Sunday, when three 11 year old boys from Valley Road School, James, Sidni, and Jem set up a stall in the Market Square to sell a range of items.
The idea stemmed from the boys themselves, and together with support from their parents, they obtained permission from the Town Hall after submitting their plans.
The project meant doing a risk assessment, deciding what might sell, and making costings so as to arrive at a price to sell the products in order to make a profit.
Among the items for sale were quality secondhand books, toys and games, together with a boxed train set. Creative items included origami made by one of the boys, and paper craft models made by another. The parents did their bit by making fudge, flapjack and other tasty goodies.
The key to gaining permission to set up their stall was that 25% of profits will go to charity. The first good cause will be a donation to Valley Road School PTA to go towards the Music Room.
The plan is to do a sale once a fortnight, on a Sunday, same time 11 – 1pm and the same place; Market Square.
Takings were modest first time out, but conditions were not ideal, with a bitter wind swirling around the Square, and the threat of rain in the air.
However, the intrepid trio are far from disheartened, and they will return once again on Sunday 16th March to offer their wares to the Henley townsfolk.