John Howell MP Attended Flood Summit

sonning-bridge-closedJohn Howell MP attended the flood summit in Oxford on Friday 21 March 2014.  The Summit had been called by the County Council to discuss an approach to flooding and to debate the Western Conveyance Channel around Oxford.  In attendance were other Oxfordshire MPs, Cllr David Nimmo-Smith, the Environment Agency, First Great Western, the Oxfordshire Local Economic Partnership and other organisations with relevant experience or expertise.

During the course of the meeting John Howell made the following points:

“If you listened to the presentations being put forward you would have thought that Central Oxford was the only place to flood.  I admit the flooding was particularly bad there.  However, it must not be forgotten that Sonning Eye/Playhatch Road also flooded badly.  This is an area which the County Council has pledged to fix and for which it has applied for £950,000 in addition to the almost £5million it has received from Central Government for fixing potholes.  I am supporting this bid and have had conversations with No 10 about it this week.”

The MP went on:

“I generally support the Western Conveyance Channel.  However, I made the point that it would be quite wrong for Oxford’s flooding problem to be solved at the expense of pushing the flooding further south.  I was glad to get the reassurance that this was an issue which would be continually modelled as the project proceeded.”