Action to Introduce Weight Restriction Traffic Order in Henley

lorryMr Justin Bowles of St Marks Road raised the issue of implementing a Weight Restriction Traffic Regulation Order at the Town & Community Meeting in March.  He said, “These orders are frequently implemented for environmental reasons, including danger to pedestrians, congestion, noise and air quality. He further advised that the Government has established a strategic road network of trunk roads for the purpose of carrying HGV’s across long stretches of the Country. The roads in Henley are A roads, not trunk roads, and as such are not included in the network of roads designated as suitable for the use of HGV’s.

Henley Town Council agreed at the Full Council last week that the implementation of a Weight Restriction Traffic Regulation Order in Henley Town centre on the grounds of congestion, danger to pedestrians, noise, air quality, and damage to buildings from vibration—each of which is sufficient reason as specified in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

They will now write a letter to Oxfordshire County Council requesting that they initiate the action required to implement such an Order.

The Town & County Committee and the Full Council also agreed that the Council supports the idea of a third Thames crossing providing it does not have a detrimental effect to the traffic network in Henley.