New Henley Handibus

handibusHenley Handibus is a charity which was set up by the Henley Lions in the mid 1980s after they did a survey in Henley asking people what was needed to make Henley a good place to live in. Top of the list was the need for transport for people who did not have a car and found existing bus services difficult to access.  Fundraising took place and the Henley and District Bus scheme was set up, the name shortened to H and District Bus and shortened again to Handibus.

Our current minibus can take 11 passengers, is now 11years old and is showing its age. The bus is used every weekday with about 80% of the journeys picking up people from their homes and taking them to the 60+ Club in Greys Road car park, or returning people home from the Club. Other journeys are arranged for members of the Stroke Club, the Meteor Club for people with learning disabilities, taking people to local supermarkets, or twice a month to the centre of Reading for shopping. Journeys are free to passengers with a bus pass, the scheme being funded by the County Council for every bus pass journey. A vehicle tail lift allows easy access for people who use wheelchairs.  All drivers are volunteers.

A new minibus has been ordered and is expected to be available in the summer of this year. Recently three experienced drivers have retired after many years of service and there is a need for replacement drivers. Anyone wanting to know more about being a volunteer driver can contact Robin Rippon, Chairman of Henley Handibus tel. 01491 575547 or email

On Monday, Gill Dodds, chairman of the 60+ Club came to the meeting of the Trustees of Henley Handibus to present a cheque, for £9,000, to contribute to the cost of the new bus. The donation was from interest gathered over many years in the Club’s transport fund.