A Giant Peach of a Performance

Lower-School-3Over the past term, the entire Lower School at Shiplake College have been working hard in their weekly Drama lessons to prepare to perform two different plays. Last week, parents were invited to the Tithe Barn theatre to watch the grand performance.

24th-March-210The chosen piece for Year 7 was Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, while Year 8 tackled Lord of the Flies. Both houses in Lower School, the Titans and Olympians, were allocated a different section of the play. In Year 7, the play was simply split in half so that the Titans performed the first and the Olympians took care of the second. James was played by Josh Lewis and Joseph Perry, with other Year 7s taking on various roles including a wide range of insects and arachnids.

Meanwhile, in Year 8, pupils were able to hand select the scenes they wished to perform. Unsurprisingly, the boys opted for the most dramatic scenes, with the Titans performing the ‘Killing Simon’ scene and the Olympians choosing the ‘Killing Piggy’ scene. The boys were also given the option of trying their hand behind the scenes. Tasks include organising props and costumes and coordinating staging and lighting on the night. This enables pupils to gain a better understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses. Some pupils prefer the limelight of the stage whereas others prefer to take a less visible but equally important role. Consequently, once pupils reach Year 9 they are able to confidently contribute to the theatre company which they become a part of at Shiplake. On this occasion, Luke Tremayne, Jordan Scott-Ely, Matty Fitzgerald, Matthew Dalrymple, Matt Davies and Will Collett formed the stage crew. The two stricken characters, Simon and Piggy, were played by Dillon Sichel, Harrison Richards and Bert Whitfield.