Good Luck to the Mayor – Riding His Bike for Charity


Today the Mayor, Stefan Gawrysiak will be doing a Thames source to Henley on Thames Bike Challenge which will cover 66 miles. Stefan hopes to finish in Henley at around 6pm today ending with a well earned pinted at the Bull on Bell Street.

He is raising money for his Mayoral bike-ride-2charities – Sue Ryder, Age UK Oxfordshire, the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children, Riverside Counselling and Headway.

Stefan said on Saturday, “The training has been going well and I’ve been doing some 22 milers, which in my mind the route is only 3 times this.”

Please support the Mayor today and give generously via my online charity fundraising page at

The current total raised is just over £1,000.  Let’s see if we can make it £1,500?

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  1. Irenka Motyka says:

    Warm Congratulations to the foursome! We are proud of you and much appreciate your significant achievement….. as evidenced by Paul in his text: “We’ve hit a snag….have finished two hours early”. Receiving charities, friends and loved ones value your undertaking.

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