Phil & Lou’s Tandem Adventure


Phil and Lou Stubbington from Henley are planning to ride the London to Brighton Bike Ride (54 miles) on 15 June on a tandem bicycle in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Lou had never ridden a bike before November 2013, and since then they’ve had a lot of fun going on cycle rides around the Thames Valley together.  Phil has cycled before on a ‘normal’ bike, but never on a tandem.  There won’t be any rest for either of them as they both need to pedal.

Phil said, “We just wanted to combine having a laugh (as we always do) with doing something for charity. Lou has overcome her fear of cycling, and also riding a tandem is great fun for us – and judging by the smiles we get from other people (including a few members of the Thames Valley Police force) seeing us passing by – brings happiness to other people.”

Phil and Lou are quite a sight and have had a few funny comments (mostly children) who’ve spotted them:

“Look Mum, it’s a two-bike.”

“I’ve never seen a bike like THAT before”

Please support them by sponsoring them at their Just Giving page

They are hoping to raise £300 for the British Heart Foundation.