Dynamic Approach to Shakespeare

Romeo and JulietFaced with the challenge of teaching Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet  to a group of 18 Year 9 pupils at Shiplake College, English teacher Mr Duncan Miller opted to capture their imaginations by getting the class to recreate the bloody, Verona brawls – rather than the infamous balcony scene.

Using swords and a rubber glove full of fake blood helped the students to engage with the text, and hopefully increase their enjoyment of Shakespeare. It was fantastic to see to many young students excited by the prospect of acting out such an iconic play.

‘The day is hot, the Capels are abroad,

And if we meet we shall not cape a brawl,’

In another recent lesson, pupils were tasked with creating their own social media profiles for major Shakespearean characters. The boys took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and researched the characters to display all relevant personal information. This included locations, friendships, photos and the holy grail of social media; relationships statuses!

This was a highly enjoyable lesson for the pupils, who as ever embraced the opportunity to utilise modern technology in lessons. Who’d have thought Macbeth would end up tweeting?!