TV Presenter Timmy Mallett To Launch His Art Exhibition in Henley

Timmy-Mallet-head-s#2832550Timmy Mallett is a much loved TV presenter and entertainer. From TV shows like “Wacaday” and “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” to his world wide number 1 hit “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, Timmy is one of the most colourful characters in the UK!

Timmy began his media career as a radio presenter in the early 1980’s, and later became a children’s television presenter on Breakfast TV. He became a familiar face to millions of viewers, gaining a reputation for his extravagant dress sense, quirky glasses and enthusiastic presenting style. His fame and popularity grew exponentially and many will have fond memories of watching his children’s TV shows.

More recently however, it emerged that Timmy has had a lifelong passion, and talent, for art. Along with his MALLETT-Bluebell-Shadowscolourful approach to life he does have a serious side and graduated from Warwick University with a degree in History. One of the areas he chose to study was History of Art. Yet it was not until recent years that this talented personality decided to go public and surprise the world with his artistic gift. Recognition as an artist swiftly followed and has been growing rapidly ever since. Timmy’s work is widely collected across the world and he has painted many famous faces including Lorraine Kelly, Sir Clive Woodward, Ulrika Jonsson, Wendy Craig and Jim Rosenthal.

Timmy simply loves painting and will reach for ‘Mallett’s Palette’ at the drop of a brush. “I paint every day” he says “Inspiration is everywhere….” Working daily in his studio he is an accomplished artist in oils and acrylics who takes his inspiration from the ever-changing seasons and his many travels across the UK and the world.

Timmy’s fabulous portfolio of paintings features a wide range of genres, with compositions that are as diverse in colour as they are in subject matter, with prices ranging from £400 to £9950. His many and varied paintings glow with warmth, light and colour. “You won’t be surprised to see I adore colour” says Timmy.

Timmy shall be personally launching his solo exhibition at The Lemongrove Gallery, Henley-On-Thames, on Friday 6th June. The exhibition will feature original paintings and a new collection of limited editions; all inspired by sunshine and shadow, the changing seasons and the magic of the moment. These paintings are testament to Timmy’s discerning eye and delight in putting paint to canvas. They grow out of his desire to capture the reality of a given moment before the light, the atmosphere, or the weather (this is England after all!) change and the moment is lost forever. When he comes across a scene, a view, a tableau, he says “At times like this you wonder what the rest of the world is doing and marvel that anyone could be sleeping through this magic. Carpe Diem – seize the day – is one of my favourite maxims; life is full of great moments and I love to paint them.”

Kirsty Chapman, Gallery Manager, commented “We are delighted to welcome Timmy to the gallery. He is a famously colourful character and we are looking forward to introducing him to collectors – it’s not every day you get to chat about artwork with a household name! Timmy will be personally dedicating his artwork at this event and I do hope our friends in the area will join us on what will be a very special evening.”