Henley Weekend Markets to be Reviewed


At the Full Council on 6 May Gillian Nahum, who owns Boatique and Henley Sales & Charter, raised her concerns regarding the Markets that take place in Market Square over weekends in the Town throughout the year.  She believes that they are run by a national organisation and that they are not always of a reasonsable quality and felt that it would be more approrpiate to give local businesses the opportunity to trade.  She also drew attention to the fact that all the stalls faced inwards, creating a central corridor for customers and pedestrians, forcing them away from the local businesses sited on the perimeter of the square.

At the Town & Community Meeting last week the Council agreed to set up a Working Group to review the weekend markets and that a member of the Henley Business Partnership would be invited to join this group.

Gillian said afterwards, “Obviously I am delighted that the town council is taking the market issue seriously and is devoting time to discussing how the market scene might be changed for the better in 2015. Henley Business Partnership will be sending a suitably experienced representative from among the membership to join the working group.”