Internationally Renowned Photographer Adrian Arbib New Exhibition at Museum

Adrian-Arbib-photoThe River & Rowing Museum is delighted to announce an exhibition from internationally renowned photographer Adrian Arbib, exploring the significance of Port Meadow, one of the most beautiful areas on the banks of the River Thames.

Running from 31 May – 20 July, the exhibition will explore aspects of the meadow’s long history and diverse wildlife. Occupied since Neolithic times, Port Meadow preserves a unique snapshot of the Thames’ archaeology from stone-age burial sites through to the Civil War. It is an internationally famous haven for an array of wildlife, from wild horses to migratory birds and rare wetland fauna such as creeping marshwort which until recently grew nowhere else in Britain. Port Meadow and neighbouring Wolvercote Common comprise 157 hectares of ancient common pasture on the river Thames flood-plain. The area serves as a vital flood catchment area, and has Scheduled National Monument status and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Adrian Arbib has drawn upon this wealth of natural history to create evocative and eye-catching images, examining our relationship with the Meadow in a series of portraits and landscape shots.

The portraits, taken on a medium format camera and hand printed onto fibre-based paper, demonstrate how a wide range of people interact with the same space in different ways, whilst the landscape pictures capture the vibrant wildlife in breathtaking large-format wide shots.

Adrian Arbib is an experienced and celebrated photographer whose images have appeared in all major UK newspapers and many international publications. He has travelled extensively covering human rights stories from India to Rwanda to West Papua and is passionate about capturing how people relate to one another and their environments. He has worked with the BBC on two television series in Namibia and Mongolia, and is the author of two books. He has been awarded the Cherry Kearton Medal by the Royal Geographical Society in recognition of his work with indigenous groups.

Suzie Tibury, Curator of the River & Rowing Museum said:

‘We are delighted to be hosting Adrian Arbib’s ‘By The River’ exhibition. Oxford’s Port Meadow has a deserved iconic status and Adrian’s images brilliantly capture its character and above all its beauty.

The exhibition demonstrates that the River Thames plays as important a role in daily life now as it did centuries ago and highlights the crucial role natural spaces hold in our personal and communal consciousness. To be able to exhibit work by a photographer as renowned as Adrian is a real privilege, and his images are a fantastic centrepiece to the summer programme here at the museum.’

The award-winning River & Rowing Museum, recently ranked in the Top 50 Museums in the world by The Times, announced record visitor numbers last year and looks set for another exciting year of exhibitions, workshops and activities with a jam-packed programme for the whole family.

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