Connecting Oxfordshire Roadshow Coming to Henley

ConnectingOxfordshiremapCounty Councillor, David Nimmo-Smith has arranged for the new Oxfordshire CC ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’ roadshow to come to Henley on Wednesday 16 July at from 7-8.30pm at the Town Hall.

Oxfordshire County Council is rising to the challenge of ensuring that investment in transport matches growth in jobs, housing and hi-tech industry beyond 2020.  ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’ is looking beyond the planned £800m of investment in transport in the county to another wave of transport innovation and investment. Looking at more futuristic ideas including a mono-rail to connect key locations around the county. More details can be found here

David Nimmo Smith said, “The roadshow will give the residents of Henley and surrounding areas an opportunity to see the presentation and quiz the County Council on the high level strategy of keeping Oxfordshire open for business whilst encouraging – and courting – significant economic growth in the centre of the county.  No doubt the Reading third bridge aspiration, HGVs, air quality and general road congestion will be raised.  The roadshows will also serve as public consultation on the next local transport plan.   I insisted on one of the roadshows being in Henley as we are as much a part of Oxfordshire as any other residents.”


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