Borama Comes to Henley – Horn of Africa Exhibition

Wedding-Vessel_KeedoHenley has had a friendship link with Borama since 1982 and the Henley Borama Friendship Association are putting on an exhibition entitled ‘Borama comes to Henley – Horn of Africa Art Exhibition’ in the Old Firestation Gallery to celebrate this successful and lasting link. Malcolm Page, Chair of Association said, “This is a follow-up to last year’s visit by Somaliland’s second lady and to show the people of Henley how Borama lives and to display some artefacts. We hope this exhibition will stimulate interest and attract new members for the association.”

The exhibiton will open on the Friday 6 June and will continue until the 10 June and is open from 10 to 4.30pm daily. There will be some amazing pieces on show as well as lots of history boards showing pictures of past events andWoodcarving press cuttings that Malcom has put together.

On Saturday some Borama singers, dancers and drummers will be coming to perform in the Market Place at around 1pm (being on time isn’t a strong point apparently!). The Mayor will welcome the performers and the dancers will then make their way up to the Gallery to continue the show there.

On Sunday, a young Boraman artist will be giving a workshop in the Gallery. He is studying fine Art at Birmingham City University and has developed a new type of painting. There will also be an open poetry session in the afternoon – a meeting of poetry cultures!  Ian Florence will be hosting this from Henley’s side with Ahmed Magare from the Borama side. It’ll be interesting to hear!

Over the years Henley and its residents have supported, both financially and practically, various initiatives in Borama, from road building, creating electricity infrastructure, medical aid and education. Henley has also welcomed numerous delegations from Borama and enjoys support and interest from the Somaliland Diaspora in the UK.  The association is always looking for new ideas on how to drive the link forwards into the 21st Century.

There are a series of workshops too, full details of the programme are:

Friday 6 June 

3pm – Coiled Basket making Demonstration

Saturday 7 June

10.30am Coiled Basket making Workshop

Horn of Africa Celebration

From 1pm in the Market Place and Gallery
Come and watch traditional drumming, songs & dances join in if you are brave enough!

Unsi Drawing Demonstration

Sunday 8 June

11.00am – Unsi Drawing Workshop

3.00pm – Open Poetry Reading

Hosted by Ahmed Magare & Ian Florence

Come along and share your poem!

Monday 9 June

2.30pm Coiled Basket making Demonstration

Tuesday 10 June

2.30pm Coiled Basket making Demonstration

For more info or to book a place please contact Carol Crowdy:

Email: CAROL@ACE-LPM.COM or Phone: 07901 821949