Introducing Liz Ware and our New Gardening Blog

liz-weare-photoLiz Ware is a Henley-based garden writer, photographer and allotment holder.

Liz has always loved being outside but it wasn’t until she was at home in Wargrave with small children 25 or so years ago, that she caught the gardening bug in a big way.

Over the years, an MA in Garden History at Bristol University and horticultural diplomas from The English Gardening School boosted her enthusiasm for all things green. She writes for local and national consumer magazines and is a member of the Garden Media Guild and Professional Garden Photographers’ Association.

Very recently, Liz moved to Henley to decide for herself whether it really is as good a place to live, as it is to visit. She took on an allotment, joined Henley Choral Society and Sam Brown’s latest ukulele band. The people she’s met here have made her feel so welcome that she’s decided to stay.

Every couple of weeks, Liz will be bringing you a mix of top tips from the allotments’ very experienced growers, stories from fellow grow-your-own enthusiasts and her own (at times) less reliable experiences. If she can persuade just one person to start growing fruit and vegetables she’ll be happy!

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  1. Elizabeth Tyler says:

    I’m new to the area and owning an allotment so I’m very much looking forward to this!

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