Discover Your Ancestors and the History of Henley’s Residents  

HartStreetChurchaMembers of the  HenleyArchaeological and Historical Group have recently completed two new websites,, and, providing historical information for people from the Henley area. The Henley Census is a searchable database where visitors can look amongst 35,000 census records dating from 1841 to 1901, and the Henley Probate contains probate documents, including wills and bonds, largely from the 18th century.  

The facilities have been designed to be useful to family and social historians interested in residents of Henley-on-Thames,  but can also be used by members of the public interested in particular residencies and their ancestors.The probate website includes a form allowing entry of a surname and finds all wills with a testator matching that name. Additionally, the Henley Census website can be used to search for a house name or number and the selection of a street, and if the house was occupied before 31 March 1901, all records matching that address will be found.



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