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have-your-say-logoI am resident in Marlow Bottom and my wife and I have been here for 27 years, and as we are also a B&B house we also use local taxis for our guests quite a lot. At the Regatta, which of course is a busy time for many businesses around the area and during the course of that week we had guests from USA who asked for details of how to get to the Regatta and this included assessing the cost of a taxi. Our local taxi service said it would be £20 each way from Marlow to Henley.

At the end of the week our daughter in law spent one day at the Regatta on business and decided to take a taxi from Henley Station to our house in Marlow Bottom she was told that it would cost £50!  She was travelling by herself and does not really know the area and felt “obligated” to take this taxi. My son spoke to the taxi driver by phone when she told him about the price but the taxi driver was adamant that £50 would be the cost. We are surprised that she did not phone us as we could have collected her but not knowing the area she thought we were too far away although our son would have known the distance but I guess in the stress of the situation?

When the taxi arrived I tried to get out quick to talk to the driver about this horrendous fee but needless to say the taxi driver sped off down the road like a bat out of hell, so fast in fact  that I could not even grab his reg number.

There is nothing we can do about this now but it is a lesson learnt for my daughter in law, but it is shocking that regular taxis (Hackney Carriage I believe) in Henley can take so much advantage of people, it is criminal activity in my book.

Paul Simmons

  1. Steve says:

    Couldn’t agree more….
    We only live at the top of Grey’s Hill – but after a long day we jumped into a cab in the High street and was told it would be a £10….for a ride that lasted probably 4 minutes……The driver had a laminate card stating that this was the minimum fare during Regatta. This could have been made up, or could have been under the councils(?) guidance.
    If it is under the councils guidance then that is simply not on. This is not a market where the law of supply and demand balances out the cost – this is a market where the resources are limited and we the punters do not have any choice. The taxi drivers have a bonanza anyway, with 100% capacity most of the week – so why on earth are they allowed to charge more.

    • Steve Edwards says:

      My experience of over 25 yrs here is stick with Chiltern cars. What they lack in telephone charm they make up for in consistent charging. I live in Peppard Common and in normal hours it’s £10. We know and they know we know so it’s totally transparent. I’d strongly advise against taking a rank cab from Hart St. These guys appear to have been recruited from the Dick Turpin Carriage Company and their fares are a lottery. Many are not local and you have to guide them like an instructor. I suspect your original complainant used these people.

      Steve Edwards

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