Comedy on the Water – Splashing Good Fun

Henley Fringe Comedy on the Water 2014Henley Fringe Comedy on the Water 2014Henley Fringe Comedy on the Water 2014Henley Fringe Comedy on the Water 2014Henley Fringe Comedy on the Water 2014

On a perfect summer’s evening, aboard the New Orleans boat, this sold out again event, offered a wonderful, unique and intimate stand-up comedy venue for just 80 guests.

Mark Restuccia, a popular and regular Henley Fringe performer was the compere for the evening and provided witty interludes between the three comedians on the bill.  Mark will performing in his own show Stooch Club tonight (Thursday 24 July) and tomorrow night (Friday 25 July) at the old King’s Arms Barn which he loves.

Opening the show was a great female comedian Tania Edwards who described herself as a posh girl from Surrey. In between her very laugh out loud stories about her mathematician, Indian boyfriend, their different cultures and her waiting for his wedding proposal, she interacted brilliantly with the audience and ad-libbed very cleverly when the boat starting to go up and down in the lock. She said, “I didn’t know that you could get underground boats!” Definitely one to watch, Tania is doing her Always Rihgt (yes mis-spelt Right) show at the Edinburgh Festival.

Next on was the very tall Darren Walsh, whose original play on words humour with clever use of picture boards (getting on a bit – pictured above) and sounds had the audience laughing in bucket loads. The security, voice recognition telephone call was pure brilliance when Darren was asked to repeat the answers in an array of accents and emotions which he did with such ease and great comic timing. Music was also a big comical part of the set which included Darren singing along like a cat and clucking like a chicken to the Jurassic Park theme tune and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. The finale song saw him getting dressed up as a chicken clucking to what seemed like a never-ending Popcorn song! With quick puns flying in throughout, Darren just had to finish with a great one – he said, “I want another onion – no that’s shallot!”

From the very tall, to the quite small at just 5ft 5, Tom Webb came on to big cheers who was the final act for the evening. He started off his set with some hilarious observational gags on living in London and travelling on the Tube. He then went on to tell a very witty story about having his iPhone stolen by man on a bike and a little old lady called Martha who tried to help him catch the thief. He described them as the ‘Crime Fighting Krankies’. Tom’s excellent story-telling continued with his last story about when he was 11 and went to buy a new pencil case for his new secondary school and how it had to be a really special one to attract the girls but didn’t have quite enough money for the one he wanted. His interaction with the audience, playing on their memory of this special event at this point was just brilliant and his ingenious last punch line “You don’t need a moral compass, when you’ve got a real compass!” was a perfect comic ending to fantastic evening of comedy.

There’s still lots more comedy shows on over the last few days of the Henley Fringe. Check them out at

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