Fringe Film Festival Starts Tomorrow

newlogo2014The first ever Fringe Film Festival starts tomorrow (Friday 25 July) with the first seven specially selected short films from around the world at the Regal Picturehouse at 10.00am

The film Festival continues over the weekend with special screenings of films from Student Filmakers, Animations and further short films.  There are amazing and diverse films including Keep Fighting which has been made by an aspiring filmmaker Jonathan Brough who has put his talent to a moving use, producing an emotional video about his life-changing disability. keep-fighting-film

He contracted meningitis at the age of 19 and has produced the film to highlight how such consequences don’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. The 25-year-old from Minchinhampton was in Canada training to be a skiing instructor when he was diagnosed with the condition, and subsequent complications in his treatment left him paralysed from the neck down.

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Here’s is just a short synopsis of some of the films which will be shown….

After Tomorrow

After Tomorrow was produced as part of Killer Films/Stony Brook Southampton’s 20/20/20 program. Twenty filmmakers of diverse ages and backgrounds were invited to shoot 20 films in 20 days under the helm of famed producers Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler of Killer Films, producers of classics Boys Don’t Cry, I’m Not there and Far From Heaven..

Caliber 9
Franco is a gangster living on Vancouver, a crime-less city where he feels he is outdated; his former Mob boss passed away, leaving the business to his son, who turned it into legitimate companies who profit and do well. So Franco finds himself working day after day for what little is left of “the family”. The last wish of his former boss was to get back some stolen money long lost. Franco sets himself to the task of getting the money back and visits his former partner and friend Luca who is in town for some days. He meets with him and Barbara, Luca’s girlfriend just to learn that he did not steal the money, but he knows who did and both of them go to follow and kill the thief, a businessman named Ferdinand. As they both go on this adventure, they both feel alive again, since they were from a time where guns, blood, betrayal and bribes were everyday matters and good fun.

Drone Strike
1 killing, 2 victims, 4000 miles
Will Brydon (Mark Bazeley) is a devoted family man and accomplished RAF pilot, who now flies drones over Afghanistan from an airbase in Lincolnshire. He gets to have time with his wife and two kids, and he knows he is supporting his comrades in Helmand by targeting fanatical insurgents with surgical precision. Kashan is also a father of two, scratching out a living as a delivery driver in war torn. Drone Strike tells the story of how one fateful decision shatters his conviction, and the effects of that decision on Koshan’s family in Helmand Province. Drone Strike is written and directed by Chris Richmond and written and produced by Mike Sedgwick.

Four Tails
Four Tails takes place on Hampstead Heath, where four friends with their dogs, reveal to us their disastrous relationships with humour and affection. The film, set against the spectacular views of London from the top of the Heath, was shot almost entirely on location – which was fun for the dogs, who were fabulous and never forgot their lines despite the punishing heat. The Heath was the perfect choice for this film, which was both written and produced by Hampstead-born actress Georgia Slowe. Georgia, best know for her role in ITV’s Emmerdale, embarked on this project after launching her own production company Slowe Motion Film.

Head Side Up
jenniferAs an actress who was raised in Woodley, Jennifer is very excited to be part of her “local” Henley film festival in “head-side up” as Maria.  Jennifer has worked in film and TV in both Europe and the USA. Having most recently starred in “the master” alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

Jennifer will play Janet in the feature film “front cover” later this year and “Chimeras” with Kevin j O’Conner and Michael Ironside early next year.  She can also be seen in a series of EE adverts with Kevin Bacon, the latest of which is airing this August. 

“Taking the lead” which is Jennifer’s first directing and writing debut will begin making the festival rounds from this September having already been accepted to a US festival (hopefully ending up back at Henley next year!).

Being an ex-soap star has its advantages, as Georgia was able to call on former on-screen husband, Christopher Villiers, to direct, along with Emmerdale actors, Mathew Bose and Emma Davies, who star with Adam Morris and Ruth Zielinski alongside her in the film.

In a state of despair Scarlet hitches a lift with a mysterious stranger. The driver seems familiar, unnervingly so, and Scarlet soon finds her journey out of darkness takes her to a place she’d forgotten. Back to where she started

Parson & Son
Parson & Son is a magical and charming story about Richard, the son of a toy-maker, who has shut away his dreams to fulfil his duties to his family. Richard decided years ago that he would live a very traditional family-centred life when his own father abandoned him and his mother. Now a successful but miserable lawyer, Richard is confronted with a reminder of his past and has the chance to change his future.

I Play Dead
This surreal dance thriller film is set in an unspecified place and time. The film evokes a sense of untold tragedy. A woman visits a deserted old industrial building. Once there, she Encounters two children. They lead her deeper inside the building and closer to their dark secret. What started, as an innocent game has suddenly become an odd ballet.