Local Boys and New Business Donate Money to New Skatepark


Sidni Brener and Jem McAllister have been running a market stall in Falaise Square on a Sunday every fortnight over the last few months to earn some money and to raise funds for charity.  The boys have already raised £50 for the new music room at Valley Road School.  At their last market stall, which was raising money for the new skatepark, Umberto Fiorenza from the new Italian restarant on Market Place, Rosetti Ristorante met the boys and found out what they were doing.  He then pledged to add a £100 to their donation.

Yesterday the boys and Umberto presented Colin Brathwaite from the Henley Skatepark Initiative with a cheque for £160.  Colin said, “The boys have really showed brilliant entrepreneurship and they’re a shining example to others.  I hope that it will inspire others to get involved. Now we have the planning permission for the new skatepark, we need others to help with fundraising initiatives to raise the money we need to build it.”

Umberto said, “I think that the young people of Henley need to have somewhere to go and skate.  At the moment I see a lot of them skating on Falaise Square.  It will be a great facility and I’d like to offer some refreshments and drinks for the official opening too.”


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