Henley Police Appeal – Cyclist Seriously Hurt

TVPlogoMike Butcher was seriously hurt whilst riding his bike along Remenham Lane on Tuesday (29 July) around 12 noon.

He is currently in a very serious condition in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford having been in surgery for 6 hours.  Tanya Page his good friend said, “We are hoping he is still stable in neuro ICU having been critically ill after 2 brain bleeds. They are not able to wake him yet due to the brain trauma and are waiting for scans to indicate when they might try & wake him.” 

The Police are looking for further information as to what happened to Mike.  All they know is that he was overtaken by a Royal Mail delivery van and once the postman had made his delivery he turned round and went back, to find Mike sitting in the road. He called the ambulance, waited with him, and once he had been taken away, picked up his bike and took it to the police station.

If anyone has any information, please contact the police on 101.  Tanya said, “His partner and family, and the doctors are eager to find out any information to help the doctors treat him more effectively.”


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  1. Angela And Gordon says:

    Hi.The bike will give all the details of any impact, ask at AW cycles in Caversham What time of the day was it?

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