Going to Rewind? We’re Not :(


Unfortunately the Henley Herald won’t be going to or covering the Henley Rewind Festival as we haven’t been given any press tickets by the organisers this year. Sorry if you were hoping to read our reviews and see our photos.

We did question the reason we were given – “We have used up all our press ticket allocation” – which is very strange for such a large festival.

Looking forward to covering the Henley Literary Festival at the end of September.

  1. Nick says:

    That seems a very strange decision by the organisers. I would have thought they would have wanted as much local publicity as possible.

  2. Carolyn Molgneux says:

    Sorry you wont be there Michaela. I would have thought you would have been at the top of their list being a Henley press correspondent. I am singing at Rewind this evening at 6.30 a first for Henley Rock Choir so I am sorry you wont be there to see us. Carolyn

  3. Fred says:

    I can’t understand this. Your pictures of other events like the Henley Festival have been great and really capture the spirit of the occasion.Bad decision by the organisers.

  4. David Murray says:

    I cannot believe that the organisers have decided to pass up this opportunity. What an incredibly shortsighted decision. If the organisers aren’t interested in having their event covered by the Henley press then perhaps they should take their event elsewhere. I just cannot believe that they have “used up their allocation of press tickets”. What a ridiculous thing to say. I think that they need to find themselves a new press officer.

  5. Sarah says:

    That is such a shame as you do an amazing job promoting everything that goes on in the Henley area – it is their loss as The Henley Herald is read by so many people in the local area.

  6. Jess says:

    That’s a pity I would have liked to hear our favourite local reviewer’s take on this year’s Rewind.
    Organisers are missing a trick.

  7. Robert Brain says:

    Excluded is not a word that I too would use for this snub by a festival that use our town as its base I would call it just plain rude. Why is the local digital press irrelevant? There would seem here to be not just a rude snub to our local digital paper but to all those who use it for informed news as well. Obviously the whole intention of the organisers is not to include the local digital readers but to hark back to an age of paper as was the eighties. So obviously stuck in a time warp are they that we will have to wait for another addition of the local giggle sheet, the Henley Standard; the story will be so yesterday’s news by then.

  8. Gloria Keen says:

    Unfortunate that you missed the acts as they were excellent. You did well to miss the 3 hour traffic jam leaving the car park though.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Just plain stupid and shortsighted. Be sure to forward all of these comments to the Rewind Press Office. If they want to use Henley as a base, then they should support the Town’s Press.

  10. maggie says:

    I trust this misallocation of Rewind press tickets was simply an oversite and that next year they’ll be gracious enough to offer you two to reflect their unintentional blunder….

  11. Dave Murray says:

    The more I think about this situation the more bizarre it seems to me. Why in the world would any event organiser want to limit the amount of publicity that he or she attracts locally? It just does not make sense. I take photographs of equestrian eventing at all levels from pony club to the likes of Badminton & Burghley. Often the organisers of the larger events limit the number of accredited photographers and journalists to one of each per publication per day. This is partially as a result of the physical size of the media centres and partially to limit the number of photographers who are allowed inside the competition areas at any given time. This system works quite well in the main and more often than not there will be 100+ of each, photographers and journalists. To completely exclude a publication, as has happened here in the case of the Henley Herald, is just totally unthinkable and unacceptable.

  12. Steve says:

    Disgusting, stupid and unacceptable attitude from the Rewind Festival. I work in PR and you do not “run out” of press tickets, especially for local media, and even more so for a media outlet that got tickets and covered the event last year.

    I agree with a comment above that Rewind should get lost from our town if they are not going to support an online community news site that publishes stories promptly and accurately, in the process redressing tardy, biased reporting elsewhere.

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